Dear Barack



Dear Barack,

(I’m not even sorry to call you by you first name, that’s what we do with people we appreciate)

That’s it, in a few hours you will be out of job, I’m pretty sure you already have plans with Michele but I thought a little challenge would please you.

France needs you!

Why wouldn’t you apply for a new, but similar, job in France?

As you may have noticed, we desperately need a serious candidate since, for a few decades, we had some sort of bad karma with our presidents (like having to chose between a snake and a tarantula)

I have many reason to vote, because I’m a citizen but most importantly because I’m a woman but guess what, right now I have nobody I could vote for…

When I saw your “slow jam” in the news, I realised, we NEED YOU for president. (actually, you got me with your “anger management video” and so many things)

Be careful, France is not an easy country, we love strikes and we’re almost never happy with what we have… WE WANT MORE. It could be a great philosophy if half of the country wasn’t depending on antidepressant and the other on unemployment benefits…( or both)

We’re tough to govern as we all have a pretty good education, or at least I used to be proud of our education after a few years in your country. No I’m just worried… Maybe you could come and convince the politics NOT to follow USA model! ( Sorry I had to say it, I’ve not been more proud of French education than after spending seven years in your beautiful country)

Good News for you,our health system will please you as it helps almost everybody but a lot of people are taking advantage of it and maybe you could draw some plan between what you have in USA and what we have in France.

And guess what, as long as we don’t follow you example, French people are used to a healthy food… well at least we try in spite of companies like Monsanto and co… (I promise not to cook snails when you come to diner, just before taking up your new job).

I hope “Prism” will show you my message cause we need you so much here and I (as thousands of people) will miss you so much when you leave the white house. Yes I know, you were not aware about Prism ( ah ah ah).

I’m also scared, don’t ever leave the keys to Donald Trump, just pretend to have lost it ( the keys or even your mind) or create a revolution, USA and even the WORLD can’t afford to have such a person in charge ( I’m staying polite just to set an example for D Trump but it’s tough believe me I’m following your example).

What could I say to convince you to come and be OUR president… well, You had a tough presidency, let me tell you that opposition here is not as active as yours. In fact, we can’t barely see the difference between “ right wing” and left…They all want to reduce our rights, our education, our culture, and increase our fears so they can govern quietly without any reaction from people uneducated and more focused on how to eat and live, than how’s the country doing.

See? There’s a lot to do here …

Please please…Apply for president in France and I promise you we will be a lot WITH you! And since I’m a huge Fan I can say : THE WORLD NEEDS YOU … you can’t apply anymore in USA.. come to France !!!!


Béatrice, heart between two countries, yours and mine and huge fan of YOU !


ps : Désolée pour mes lecteurs français, éventuellement je vous posterai la traduction là je peux pas j’ai dressage de #boxerfou

7 réflexions sur « Dear Barack »

  1. Thank you for this great text, totally made my day. You should try posting it on Obama’s twitter feed (I’m sure he has one). Let us know if ever he replies to your cry for help !

  2. You poked him on twitter? Really ? You are such an amazing woman Béatrice… totally crazy … Please, let us know when he’ll answer you, because He will, of course. I’m sure as a heart attack. You rock Béatrice 🙂

  3. Euhh ben moi vive Google traduction mais j’ai pas le courage de le faire en sens inversés lol! Tout à fait d’accord avec toi ce serait tellement mieux avec mister O’bama…. Heureusement que l’espoir fait vivre.

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